Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler

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There is no accommodation for sleeping, but an artist who could
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Even Now It Is Unaccountably Large. There Is No Accommodation For Sleeping, But An Artist Who Could Rough It Would, I Think, Find A Good Deal That He Would Like.

On p. 226 is a sketch of the church and tower as seen from the opposite side to that from which the sketch on p. 224 was taken.

The church seems to have been very much altered, if indeed the body of it was not entirely rebuilt, in 1618 - a date which is found on a pillar inside the church. On going up into the gallery at the west end of the church, there is found a Nativity painted in fresco by a local artist, one Agostino Duso of Roveredo, in the year 1727, and better by a good deal than one would anticipate from the epoch and habitat of the painter. On the other side of the same gallery there is a Death of the Virgin, also by the same painter, but not so good. On the left-hand side of the nave going towards the altar there is a remarkable picture of the battle of Lepanto, signed "Georgius Wilhelmus Groesner Constantiensis fecit A.D. 1649," and with an inscription to the effect that it was painted for the confraternity of the most holy Rosary, and by them set up "in this church of St. Mary commonly called of Calancha." The picture displays very little respect for academic principles, but is full of spirit and sensible painting.

Above this picture there hang two others - also very interesting, from being examples of, as it were, the last groans of true art while being stifled by academicism - or it may be the attempt at a new birth, which was nevertheless doomed to extinction by academicians while yet in its infancy.

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