Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler

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Item, no hounds are to be kept in the monastery for hunting, nor
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{39} Item, No Hounds Are To Be Kept In The Monastery For Hunting, Nor Any Dogs Save Watch-Dogs.

Persons in religion who come to the monastery are to be entertained there for two days, during which time the cellarer is to give them bread and wine, and the pittancer {40} pittance.

"Item, women of bad character, and indeed all women, are forbidden the monk's apartments without the prior's license, except in times of indulgence, or such as are noble or above suspicion. Not even are the women from San Pietro, or any suspected women, to be admitted without the prior's permission.

"The monks are to be careful how they hold converse with suspected women, and are not to be found in the houses of such persons, or they will be punished. Item, the epistle and gospel at high mass are to be said by the monks in church, and in Lent the epistle is to be said by one monk or sub-deacon.

"Item, two candelabra are to be kept above the altar when mass is being said, and the lord abbot is to provide the necessary candles.

"Any one absent from morning or evening mass is to be punished by the prior, if his absence arises from negligence.

"The choir, and the monks residing in the monastery, are to be provided with books and a convenient breviary {41} . . . according to ancient custom and statute, nor can those things be sold which are necessary or useful to the convent.

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