Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler

 -   The views of plants are sadly narrow; all dissenters
are narrow-minded; but within their own bounds they know the - Page 130
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The Views Of Plants Are Sadly Narrow; All Dissenters Are Narrow-Minded; But Within Their Own Bounds They Know The Details Of Their Business Sufficiently Well - As Well As Though They Kept The Most Nicely-Balanced System Of Accounts To Show Them Their Position.

They are eaten, it is true; to eat them is our bigoted and intolerant way of trying to convert them:

Eating is only a violent mode of proselytising or converting; and we do convert them - to good animal substance, of our own way of thinking. But then, animals are eaten too. They convert one another, almost as much as they convert plants. And an animal is no sooner dead than a plant will convert it back again. It is obvious, however, that no schism could have been so long successful, without having a good deal to say for itself.

Neither party has been quite consistent. Who ever is or can be? Every extreme - every opinion carried to its logical end - will prove to be an absurdity. Plants throw out roots and boughs and leaves; this is a kind of locomotion; and as Dr. Erasmus Darwin long since pointed out, they do sometimes approach nearly to what may be called travelling; a man of consistent character will never look at a bough, a root, or a tendril without regarding it as a melancholy and unprincipled compromise. On the other hand, many animals are sessile, and some singularly successful genera, as spiders, are in the main liers-in-wait.

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