Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler

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this, and during the times of the said infirmaries, the servants of
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The Cellarer Is To Do This, And During The Times Of The Said Infirmaries, The Servants Of The Monastery And

Convent are to be, as above, on the same footing as those who are in religion, that is to say,

Half of them are to be bled during one fifteen days, and the other half during the other fifteen days, as is customary.

"Item, touching the office of cellarer, it is ordered that the cellarer do serve out to the whole convent bread, wine, oil, and salt; as much of these two last as any one may require reasonably, and this on all days excepting when the infirmarer serves out kitchen meats, but even then the cellarer is to serve his rations to the hebdomadary. Item, he is to make a pittance of dumplings with seasoning to the convent on the first of the rogation days; each monk and each servant is to have five dumplings uncooked with his seasoning, and one cooked with [oil?] and a quart of bread and wine, and each monk is to have one quarter of a pound of cheese. Item, upon Holy Thursday he is to give to the convent a pittance of leeks and fish to the value of sixty soldi, and . . . {67} Item, another pittance upon the first day of August; and he is to present the convent with a good sheep and cabbages with seasoning. Item, in infirmary time he is to provide two pittances, one of fowls and the other of salt meat and white chestnuts, and he is to give two pints of wine.

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