Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler


{56}  Item, priori claustrali pro sua dupla sex florinos.
Dupla has the meaning mulcta assigned to it in Ducange among - Page 279
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{56} "Item, Priori Claustrali Pro Sua Dupla Sex Florinos." "Dupla" Has The Meaning "Mulcta" Assigned To It In Ducange Among Others, None Of Which Seem Appropriate Here.

The translation as above, however, is not satisfactory.

{57} "Pastamderio." I have been unable to find this word in any dictionary. The text in this part is evidently full of misprints and corruptions.

{58} "Ciceratam fractam." This word is not given in any dictionary. Cicer is a small kind of pea, so cicerata fracta may perhaps mean something like pease pudding.

{59} Terce. A service of the Roman Church.

{60} "Invitatorium." Ce nom est donne a un verset qui se chante ou se recite au commencement de l'office de marines. Il varie selon les fetes et meme les feries. Migne. Encyclopedie Theologique.

{61} "Epistolam Evangelii." There are probably several misprints here.

{62} "Monnas." Word not to be found.

{63} "Sextaria."

{64} Word missing in the original.

{65} "Borchiam." Word not to be found. Borchia in Italian is a kind of ornamental boss.

{66} "Teneatur dare religiosis de carnibus bovinis et montonis decenter."

{67} "Foannotos." Word not to be found.

{68} "Laganum."

{69} "Enredullas hujusmodi" [et res ullas hujusmodi?].

{70} "In processionibus deferre et de sua prebenda nihil perdat vestiarium vere suum salvatur eidem sicut uni monacullo."

End of Alps and Sanctuaries, by Samuel Butler

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