Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler

 -   It is surrounded by cloisters on three sides,
on to which the rooms in which the pilgrims are lodged open - Page 150
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It Is Surrounded By Cloisters On Three Sides, On To Which The Rooms In Which The Pilgrims Are Lodged Open

- Those at least that are on the ground-floor, for there are three storeys. The chapel, which was dedicated in

The year 1600, juts out into the court upon the north-east side. On the north-west and south-west sides are entrances through which one may pass to the open country. The grass, at the time of our visit, was for the most part covered with sheets spread out to dry. They looked very nice, and, dried on such grass and in such an air, they must be delicious to sleep on. There is, indeed, rather an appearance as though it were a perpetual washing-day at Oropa, but this is not to be wondered at considering the numbers of comers and goers; besides, people in Italy do not make so much fuss about trifles as we do. If they want to wash their sheets and dry them, they do not send them to Ealing, but lay them out in the first place that comes handy, and nobody's bones are broken.

CHAPTER XV - Oropa (continued)

On the east side of the main block of buildings there is a grassy slope adorned with chapels that contain illustrating scenes in the history of the Virgin. These figures are of terra-cotta, for the most part life-size, and painted up to nature. In some cases, if I remember rightly, they have hemp or flax for hair, as at Varallo, and throughout realism is aimed at as far as possible, not only in the figures, but in the accessories.

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