Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler

 -   Then seeing that it was
getting late, we returned together to Besazio, and there parted,
they descending to Ligornetto and - Page 220
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Then Seeing That It Was Getting Late, We Returned Together To Besazio, And There Parted, They Descending To Ligornetto And We To Mendrisio, After A Day Which I Should Be Glad To Think Would Be As Long And Pleasantly Remembered By Our Italian Friends As It Will Assuredly Be By Ourselves.

The excursions in the neighbourhood of Mendrisio are endless.

The walk, for example, to S. Agata and thence to Meride is exquisite. S. Agata itself is perfect, and commands a splendid view. Then there is the little chapel of S. Nicolao on a ledge of the red precipice. The walk to this by the village of Sommazzo is as good as anything can be, and the quiet terrace leading to the church door will not be forgotten by those who have seen it. Sommazzo itself from the other side of the valley comes as on p. 247. There is Cragno, again, on the Monte Generoso, or Riva with its series of pictures in tempera by the brothers Giulio Cesare and Camillo Procaccini, men who, had they lived before the days of academics, might have done as well as any, except the few whom no academy can mould, but who, as it was, were carried away by fluency and facility. It is useless, however, to specify. There is not one of the many villages which can be seen from any rising ground in the neighbourhood, but what contains something that is picturesque and interesting, while the coup d'oeil, as a whole, is always equally striking, whether one is on the plain and looks towards the mountains, or looks from the mountains to the plains.

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