Alps And Sanctuaries Of Piedmont And The Canton Ticino By Samuel Butler


The monte is the pasture land immediately above the highest
enclosed meadows and below the alpe.  The cattle are kept - Page 20
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The Monte Is The Pasture Land Immediately Above The Highest Enclosed Meadows And Below The Alpe.

The cattle are kept here in spring and autumn before and after their visit to the alpe.

The monte has many houses, dairies, and cowhouses, - being almost the paese, or village, in miniature. It will always have its chapel, and is inhabited by so considerable a number of the villagers, for so long a time both in spring and autumn, that they find it worth while to make themselves more comfortable than is necessary for the few who make the short summer visit to the alpe.

Every inch of the ascent was good, but the descent was even better on account of the views of the Dalpe glacier on the other side the Ticino, towards which ones back is turned as one ascends. All day long the villages of Dalpe and Cornone had been tempting me, so I resolved to take them next day. This I did, crossing the Ticino and following a broad well-beaten path which ascends the mountains in a southerly direction. I found the rare English fern Woodsia hyperborea growing in great luxuriance on the rocks between the path and the river. I saw some fronds fully six inches in length. I also found one specimen of Asplenium alternifolium, which, however, is abundant on the other side the valley, on the walls that flank the path between Primadengo and Calpiognia, and elsewhere. Woodsia also grows on the roadside walls near Airolo, but not so fine as at Faido.

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