Terre Napoleon. A History Of French Explorations And Projects In Australia By Ernest Scott

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devoted to the era of the Corsican about the Napoleonic legend. There
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We Read Much In Modern Books Devoted To The Era Of The Corsican About "The Napoleonic Legend." There Seems To Be, Just Here, A Little Sporadic Napoleonic Legend, To Which Vitality Has Been Given From Quarters Whence Have Come Some Heavy Blows At The Larger One.

The plan adopted has been, after a preliminary sketch of the colonial situation of Great Britain and France in

The period under review, to bring upon the scene - the Terre Napoleon coasts - the discovery ship Investigator, despatched by the British Government at about the same time as Napoleon's vessels were engaged upon their task, and to describe the meeting of the two captains, Flinders and Baudin, in Encounter Bay. Next, the coasts denominated Terre Napoleon are traversed, and an estimate is made of the original work done by Baudin, and of the serious omissions for which he was to blame. A second part of the subject is then entered upon. The origin of the expedition is traced, and the ships are carefully followed throughout their voyage, with a view to elicit whether there was, as alleged, a political purpose apart from the scientific work for which the enterprise was undertaken at the instance of the Institute of France.

The two main points which the book handles are: (1) whether Napoleon's object was to acquire territory in Australia and to found "a second fatherland" for the French there; and (2) whether it is true, as so often asserted, that the French plagiarised Flinders' charts for the purpose of constructing their own.

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