Terre Napoleon. A History Of French Explorations And Projects In Australia By Ernest Scott

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companions were drowned on February 21, whilst the storm in the
Strait - as Baudin told Flinders - Page 50
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Moreover, Thistle And His Companions Were Drowned On February 21, Whilst The Storm In The Strait - As Baudin Told Flinders - Occurred Exactly A Month Later.

When Flinders got on board Le Geographe, he was received by an officer, of whom he inquired for the commander.

Baudin was pointed out to him, and conducted him and Brown into the captain's cabin. Flinders then "requested Baudin to show me his passport from the Admiralty, and when it was found, and I had perused it, I offered him mine from the French marine minister, but he put it back without inspection." The incident serves to remind us that both commanders believed their nations to be at war at this time. As a matter of fact, just a fortnight before the meeting in Encounter Bay, diplomacy had patched up the brittle truce ironically known as the Peace of Amiens (March 25). But neither Flinders nor Baudin could have known that there was even a prospect of the cessation of hostilities. Europe, when they last had touch of its affairs, was still clanging with battle and warlike preparations, and the red star of the Corsican had not yet reached its zenith. Baudin's readiness to produce his own passport when "requested" - in a style prompt if not peremptory, it would seem - and his indifference about that of the English commander, should be noted as the first of a series of facts which establish the purely peaceful character of the French expedition.

Baudin talked freely about the work upon which he had been engaged in Tasmanian waters.

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