Terre Napoleon. A History Of French Explorations And Projects In Australia By Ernest Scott

 -  The winds blow at certain
seasons with steady consistency in these regions, and an experienced
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The Winds Blow At Certain Seasons With Steady Consistency In These Regions, And An Experienced Navigator, Knowing What He Has

To expect, makes his plans accordingly. When Flinders was driven reluctantly to abandon finishing the exploration of the north coast

Through the dangerous condition of the Investigator, he made his way back to Port Jackson by the western route, because, although it was considerably longer, he thereby secured favourable winds; and he reached port in safety. If we may judge from his habitual perversity, Baudin, under similar circumstances, would have taken the shorter route, regardless of normal conditions, and would have lost his ship.

Changing his route after much waste of time, Baudin took his vessels towards the south-west of New Guinea, with the intention of making investigations there. But again the sailing was for the most part slow, especially as the Casuarina made very poor progress; and when within a few leagues from False Cape - called Cape Walshe on the French charts - circumstances compelled the commander to review his position and prospects in a serious light. Once more the supply of water was running short. The ships carried from Kupang sufficient for ninety-five days. Apart from the necessities of the crew, some had to be spared for the plants and animals - kangaroos, emus, etc. - which were being carried to Europe. Thirty-four days had been dawdled away without achieving any substantial results. For the ultimate return to Mauritius sufficient water to last forty days must be conserved.

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