Terre Napoleon. A History Of French Explorations And Projects In Australia By Ernest Scott

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Pellew and Bertie were in command of strong British forces, and Lord
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In 1810 Admirals Pellew And Bertie Were In Command Of Strong British Forces, And Lord Minto, The Governor-General Of India, Was Determined To Root The French Out Of The Isle Of France, And Clear India Of Danger From That Source. They Succeeded, And Mauritius Has Been British Ever Since.

We must now leave the sphere of conflict in which the destinies of the world were being shaped, and enter upon another phase of this history. The reader will:

"Slip across the summer of the world, Then, after a long tumble about the Cape And frequent interchange of foul and fair,"

- will accompany for a while an illustrious British explorer in his task of filling up the map of the globe.


The Investigator at Kangaroo Island. Thoroughness of Flinders' work. His aims and methods. His explorations; the theory of a Strait through Australia. Completion of the map of the continents. A direct succession of great navigators: Cook, Bligh, Flinders, and Franklin. What Flinders learnt in the school of Cook: comparison between the healthy condition of his crew and the scurvy-stricken company on the French vessels.

On April 7, 1802, His Majesty's ship Investigator, 334 tons, Commander Matthew Flinders, was beating off the eastern extremity of Kangaroo Island, endeavouring to make the mainland of Terra Australis, to follow the course of discovery and survey for which she had been commissioned. The winds were very baffling for pursuing his task according to the carefully scientific method which Flinders had prescribed for himself.

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