Terre Napoleon. A History Of French Explorations And Projects In Australia By Ernest Scott

 -  The vessels were then to make a fuller
exploration of the western and northern shores than had hitherto been
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The Vessels Were Then To Make A Fuller Exploration Of The Western And Northern Shores Than Had Hitherto Been Achieved, To Attack The South-West Of Papua (New Guinea), And To Investigate The Gulf Of Carpentaria.

No instructions seem to have been given relative to a further examination of the eastern coasts of the continent.

Cook's work there was evidently thought to be sufficient, though Flinders found several fresh and important harbours. The programme, as Peron pointed out, involved the exploration in detail of several thousands of miles of coasts hitherto quite unknown or imperfectly known, and its proper performance was calculated to accomplish highly important work in perfecting a knowledge of the geography of the southern hemisphere.

The French Government fitted out the expedition in a lavish and elaborate fashion.* (* "Les savans ont vu avec le plus grand interet les soins que le gouvernement a pris pour rendre ce voyage utile a l'histoire naturelle et a la connaissance des moeurs des sauvages." Moniteur, 22nd Fructidor.) Funds were not stinted, and the commander was given unlimited credit to obtain anything that he required at any port of call. The best scientific instruments were procured, and the stores of the great naval depot of Havre were thrown open for the equipment of the ships with every necessity and comfort for a long voyage. Luxuries were not spared; "in a word," says Peron, "the Government had ordered that nothing whatever should be omitted that could assure the preservation of health, promote the work of the staff, and guarantee the independence of the expedition."

Two vessels lying in the port of Havre were selected.

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