Terre Napoleon. A History Of French Explorations And Projects In Australia By Ernest Scott

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generation for the beauty, completeness, and accuracy of his
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Flinders Was Without A Rival In His Generation For The Beauty, Completeness, And Accuracy Of His Hydrographical Work, And Captain Baudin's Excuses Probably Sprang From Pride.

The reason he gave was that his charts were to be finished in Paris.

But there was nothing to prevent his showing the preliminary drawings to Flinders, and as a fact he had shown them to King. If Flinders had had a sight of them he would have detected at a glance the absence of any indication of Port Phillip. But we learn from the Moniteur of 27 Thermidor, Revolutionary Year 11 (August 15, 1803), which published a progress report of the expedition, that the charts sent home by Baudin were very rough. Part of the coast was described as being "figuree assez grossierement et sans details."

Flinders, it should be explained, did not publish the chart which he made when he entered Port Phillip with the Investigator, because by the time when he was preparing his work for publication, a copy of the complete survey chart made by Grimes had been supplied to him by the Admiralty. He used Grimes's drawing in preference to his own - acknowledging the authorship, of course - because when he found Port Phillip he was not in a position to examine it thoroughly. His supplies, after his long voyage, had become depleted, and he could not delay.

It is most likely that the French learnt of the existence of Port Phillip from Flinders, though not at all likely that they were able to obtain a copy of his drawing.

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