Terre Napoleon. A History Of French Explorations And Projects In Australia By Ernest Scott

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which are at variance with those commonly presented; but the evidence is
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On Both These Points Conclusions Are Reached Which Are At Variance With Those Commonly Presented; But The Evidence Is Placed Before The Reader With Sufficient Amplitude To Enable Him To Arrive At A Fair Opinion On The Facts, Which, The Author Believes, Are Faithfully Stated.

A third point of some importance, and which is believed to be quite new, relates to the representation of

Port Phillip on the Terre Napoleon maps. It is a curious fact that, much as has been written on the early history of Australia, no writer, so far as the author is aware, has observed the marked conflict of evidence between Captain Baudin and his own officers as to that port having been seen by their discovery ships, and as to how the representation of it on the French maps got there. Inasmuch as Port Phillip is the most important harbour in the territory which was called Terre Napoleon, the matter is peculiarly interesting. Yet, although the author has consulted more than a score of volumes in which the expedition is mentioned, or its work dealt with at some length, not one of the writers has pointed out this sharp contradiction in testimony, still less attempted to account for it. It is to be feared that in the writing of Australian, as of much other history, there has been on the part of authors a considerable amount of "taking in each other's washing."

The table of comparative chronology is designed to enable the reader to see at a glance the dates of the occurrences described in the book, side by side with those of important events in the world at large.

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