The Logbooks Of The Lady Nelson, By Ida Lee

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Grant, became Tourville Bay; Montaigne Cape took the place-name of Cape
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Portland Bay, Also Named By Grant, Became Tourville Bay; Montaigne Cape Took The Place-Name Of Cape Solicitor; Lady Julia Island Became Fourcroy Island; Lawrence's Island, Dragon Island; And Cape Bridgewater, Cape Montesquieu.

In this manner nearly the whole of Grant's discoveries were rechristened.* (* Some writers give the French name of Cape Desaix, bestowed in honour of one of Napoleon's famous generals, to Cape Albany Otway.

Pinkerton's translator of the History to Southern Lands, however, states that the French named Cape Otway, Cape Marengo.)

The presence of Baudin's expedition in Australian waters may be said to have considerably hurried on the British colonisation of Tasmania. Although Bass and Flinders had in 1798 circumnavigated the island, adding extensive discoveries to those already made by Furneaux, Hayes, Bligh, and other British seamen, it was realised in Sydney that the French might lay claim to some portion of the island.

During Baudin's visit his officers surveyed the eastern coast more thoroughly than any previous navigators, although they must have known that Tasmania was then regarded by the British as their territory.* (* The commission of Governor Phillip, read publicly when he landed at Sydney in 1788, had proclaimed him ruler of all the land from Cape York to South Cape in Tasmania.) Baudin's enquiries elicited as much from Governor King at Sydney. It was natural therefore that after the departure of the French ships, when King heard a rumour that they intended to take possession of a port in Tasmania,* (* Baie du Nord.) he should send Acting-Lieutenant Robbins in the Cumberland after the vessels, who, finding them at anchor at King Island, immediately hoisted the Union Jack there and daily saluted it during their stay.

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