The Logbooks Of The Lady Nelson, By Ida Lee

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At Half-Past 1 P.M. The High Peak Of Pines Bore South-South-West Distant About 22 Miles Which Proves Those Extensive Reefs To Be Placed Very Erroneously On The Chart Owing To The Incorrectness Of Messrs.

Swaine and Campbell, they having laid them down nearly 2 degrees off the land instead of which they are only distant 20 miles from the nearest island.

Quarter past 6 P.M. came to in 28 fathoms with the kedge; the Investigator north-east by north quarter of a mile distant.* (* "At six anchored in 27 fathoms coarse sand." Flinders.) At daylight the Investigator began to heave up and we did the same, by 6 A.M. made sail. Received orders to keep ahead with a good lookout for shoals. Saw a shoal of sand with two small rocks on it from north-east; at half-past 10 A.M. being within 2 miles of the shoal tacked. At noon the rocks on the shoal bore north-west a little westerly distant 2 miles. Received additional instructions signals and cd. from Captain Flinders.* (* "I sent a boat with instructions to Lieutenant case of our separation." Flinders.)

"Thursday, October 7th. Stood on after the Investigator and weathered the last-mentioned reef of coral. At half-past 4 A.M. weighed and made sail to the south-east. At half-past 10 A.M. saw a reef of coral ahead, several parts of which were above water considerably much like the appearance of boats under sail.* (* "Upon these reefs were more of the dry black lumps called negro heads." Flinders.)

"Friday October 8th.

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