The Logbooks Of The Lady Nelson, By Ida Lee

 -  At the entrance she
met the George, schooner, from Sydney bound to the Derwent, and was
supplied by the master - Page 250
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At The Entrance She Met The George, Schooner, From Sydney Bound To The Derwent, And Was Supplied By The Master With A Boat's Compass And Other Much-Needed Articles.

Bad weather continuing until Flinders' Island was sighted, Symons decided to beat up through the narrows into Kent's Bay, where he found the Francis also seeking shelter.

On the 13th the two vessels left Kent's Bay in company to try and reach their port of destination, but as the storm had not yet abated they bore away for Waterhouse Island and took refuge there. Finally, on November 21st, the two little ships with torn sails and splintered masts arrived at Port Dalrymple, both in a thoroughly disabled condition, but those on board, in coming into the harbour, saw with satisfaction the British colours flying on shore, and the Buffalo and the Integrity lying safely at anchor.

Lieutenant Symons learned that the Buffalo had arrived alone on the evening of November 3rd and had moored four miles within the port. Next day she dragged her anchors, and in spite of every exertion, touched, fortunately, upon a flat rock. By a spirited effort on the part of the crew she was floated undamaged, her anchor was slipped, and she was taken three miles higher up the harbour. On the 4th the Integrity arrived, and on the 10th possession was taken of the country on behalf of Great Britain with the usual formalities.* (* Captain Flinders had already taken possession of this port and Governor Hunter had named it after Alexander Dalrymple.) The Lieutenant-Governor was saluted with 11 guns by the flagship as he landed, and a Royal Salute was fired when the Union Jack was hoisted.

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