The Logbooks Of The Lady Nelson, By Ida Lee

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anchorage last left bore south by west distant 2 miles.

Friday, October 22nd. At 8 P.M. came to - Page 210
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Our Anchorage Last Left Bore South By West Distant 2 Miles.

"Friday, October 22nd.

At 8 P.M. came to in our old anchorage. At 8 weighed, cleared the narrow passage between the islands we anchored under...we had chosen the worst place they afford: as on this side from the number of islands that lie all around as well as Cape Hillsborough and the island off it, we found the water quiet and smooth. 9 A.M. Made all sail for a large island to the south-east and by noon were abreast of its eastern extremity. This island has the most romantic and beautiful appearance of any I have ever beheld and from its north-west point to its north-east point is nothing but a continuation of safe and well-sheltered bays, the shores of which consist of white sand beaches intercepted here and there with patches of coral rocks: the edges of these in several places are lined with low mangroves, behind which tall pines rise, forming a beautiful contrast, these however rise not so high as to intercept our view of bold front-land which much resembles the hills of Norfolk when the grain on them is ripe, and over all these towering to a great height rise the inland hills covered with very high pines, on the whole I scarcely ever saw so fine a view. At noon the body of it bore north 1/2 east distant 3 miles, island of anchorage north-north-west distant 14 miles, an island at which I mean to anchor for the night (if we reach it) east by E. distant 6 or 7 miles.

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