The Logbooks Of The Lady Nelson, By Ida Lee

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following were embarked in the Countess of Harcourt, Captain Barlow,
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After Taking Supplies On Board, The Following Were Embarked In The Countess Of Harcourt, Captain Barlow, Lieutenant Everard, And Twenty-Four Non-Commissioned Officers And Men, All Of The Buffs.

Dr. Turner, Royal Artillery; Mr. George Miller, Commissariat Department; Mr. Wilson and Mr. George Tollemache, Storekeepers.

In all the Countess of Harcourt carried 110 men, 40 women, and 25 children.

The colonial brig Lady Nelson, in command of Captain Johns, also received orders to accompany the expedition. She had returned from a voyage to Moreton Bay on August 12th, and, heavily laden with passengers, soldiers, and stores, sailed with the Tamar and the Countess of Harcourt on August 24th, 1824.

The Lady Nelson then left Sydney for the last time.

In reading Captain J. Gordon Bremer's logbook, we are reminded of a similar voyage, taken by the Lady Nelson along this coast twenty-two years before, in company with H.M.S. Investigator. Captain Bremer had the same trouble with the brig as Captain Flinders then experienced, as he was continually forced to wait for the Lady Nelson. In the Captain's log often appear the entries "took the Lady Nelson in tow," and "cast off the Lady Nelson," showing that the little brig was unable to keep up with the larger vessels. The fleet sailed between the Great Barrier Reef and the mainland, at times only a narrow strip of coral separating it from the breakers, which rolled against the outer side of the reef. At other times it was impossible to see across the great breadth of the coral barrier.

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