The Logbooks Of The Lady Nelson, By Ida Lee

 -  At 6 A.M. it cleared - set sails, out all reefs
intending to make Governor King's Island while this clear - Page 120
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At 6 A.M. It Cleared - Set Sails, Out All Reefs Intending To Make Governor King's Island While This Clear

Weather continued; as it will be seen, unfavourable winds and weather has prevented me either tracing coast from Cape Shanks

To Cape Albany, as after making Cape Albany from being able to run a straight course to Harminger Rock; both of these points will be attempted.

"Friday, 8th January. Altitude 145 degrees 07 minutes 15 seconds - this confirmed me that we must have been driven eastward.

"Saturday, 9th January. Saw the loom of the land from the masthead which I take to be Governor King's Island - its southernmost point bore S.W.S. distant 16 miles. We could only see it now and then as the squalls passed over. Kept working to this land which I rather think is part of the same that on the 6th I saw and supposed it to be the northernmost cape, Cape Danger, and another Cape Albany. I...will in making circuit easily know them, both being sandy bluffs.

"Sunday, 10th January. Kept all night working up to land and by 7 A.M. got within 6 miles of the body of the island; kept edging down along it a 4 or 5 miles distance; the land in general high and covered with brush and now and then spots of large trees very tall. At 8 A.M. we saw two rocks we had passed at 7 A.M. - make out exactly like 2 boats under sail, they are both very near the land...As we kept running down along the land I saw a low point of rock make out with a good deal of surf and the land lay so far back that I concluded at least a deep bight must be there - this proved true, as we rounded it the swell of the sea which before was high greatly took off and although the wind blew hard yet as it was off shore...lowered the boat and sent Mr. Bowen and two good hands in her on shore...At half-past 11 the weather looking worse instead of better made a signal for our boat which they noticed and came off - by noon they got on board, and Mr. Bowen reported that wood and excellent water was in abundance, that safe anchorage and good ground was close into the beach - the soil is middling good, in short, it is an excellent place to take shelter in from all worst winds that blow in this country...Latitude of this bight is 40 degrees 00 minutes 09 seconds south and Longitude 143 degrees 57 minutes 45 seconds east.

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