The Logbooks Of The Lady Nelson, By Ida Lee

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perceived little or no difference from the Sydney blacks; their language - Page 170
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With Respect To The Persons Of These Natives, I Perceived Little Or No Difference From The Sydney Blacks; Their Language

Is much different, as Bungaree could not understand a word they said.* (* "These people were entirely naked but were more

'fleshy' than those at Port Jackson perhaps from being able to obtain a better supply of fish with "scoop nets" which are not known on the southern coast. A species of pandanus grew here in abundance and the valleys contained trees of the Casuarina and Eucalyptus." Flinders.)

"Sunday, August 1st. Fine weather. At 2 P.M. the gentlemen with their parties returned to the beach. We all embarked in the Investigator's boat, got on board the Lady Nelson; at 3 P.M. came to in 5 fathoms, Captain Flinders then left us. At 7 P.M. the Commodore weighed; hove up and followed him with all sail. At noon saw the looming of Sandy Cape east by south 7 or 8 leagues.

"Monday, August 2nd. Fine weather. At 1 P.M. Commodore on our lee beam 2 miles; quarter past 5 P.M. the Commodore came to, at half-past we came to under the stern of the Commodore. At 6 A.M. got under weigh. At 10 A.M. answered signal to come within hail, the Commodore desired we would keep in shore of him.

"Tuesday, August 3rd. Fine weather. At 4 P.M. Bustard Bay bore west-north-west distant 3 or 4 miles. On this point a very large fire was burning and numbers of natives were there.

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