The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood

 -  - But she gave herself not
much time for reflection, before she ordered the man to be admitted.

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- But She Gave Herself Not Much Time For Reflection, Before She Ordered The Man To Be Admitted.

The manner of his approaching her was very respectful; but the message he had to deliver seemed of a contrary nature.

- After having asked if her name was Louisa, and she answering that it was, I come, madam, said he, from a gentleman who saw you stand just now at the gate of a house in the Fauxbourg St. Germains, he commands me to tell you, that he has something of moment to acquaint you with, and desires you will permit me to call a chair, and attend you to his house, where he is impatient to receive you.

What, indeed, could Louisa think of a person who should send for her in this manner? - all the late transport she was in, was immediately converted into disdain and vexation at being taken, as she had all the reason in the world to suppose, for one of those common creatures who prostitute their charms for bread. -

Tell your master, said she, that by whatever accident he has learned my name, he is wholly ignorant of the character of the person he has sent you to: - that I am an entire stranger at Paris, and he must have mistaken me for some other, who, perhaps, I may have the misfortune to resemble, and may be also called as I am; - at least I am willing to think so, as the only excuse can be made for his offering this insult:

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