The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood

 -  - What
have we now to expect? cried one, - endless slavery: - chains, infamy,
lasting as our lives, replied another. Then let - Page 300
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- What Have We Now To Expect?

Cried one, - endless slavery:

- Chains, infamy, lasting as our lives, replied another. Then let us dye, added a third. Right, said his companion feircely; - the glory of Sweden is lost! - Let us disappoint these barbarians, these Russian monsters, of the pleasure of insulting us on our country's fall.

In this romantic and distracted manner did they in vain endeavour to discharge their breasts of the load of anguish each sustained. - Their misfortune was not of a nature to be alleviated by words; - it was too mighty for expression; and the more they spoke, the more they had yet to say. - For three whole days they refused the wretched sustenance brought to them; neither did the least slumber ever close their eyelids by night: on the fourth the keeper of the prison came, and told them they must depart. - -They endeavoured not to inform themselves how or where they were to be disposed of; in their present condition all places were alike to them, so followed him, without speaking, down stairs, at the bottom of which they found a strong guard of thirty soldiers, who having chained them in a link, like slaves going to be sold at the market, conducted them to a very stately palace adjoining to that belonging to the czar.

They were but eight in number, out of fifty-five who had been taken prisoners at the time Horatio was, and were thrown altogether in the dungeon, the others having perished thro' cold and the noysomeness of the place, before Edella had procured them a more easy situation; but these eight that survived were all officers, and most of them men of distinguished birth as well as valour, tho' their long imprisonment, scanty food, and more than all, the grief they at present laboured under made them look rather like ghosts, than men chose out of thousands to fight always near the king of Sweden's person in every hazardous attempt.

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