The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood

 -  - What censures the world might pass on
his marrying one of her age and obscure birth, he thought were of - Page 20
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- What Censures The World Might Pass On His Marrying One Of Her Age And Obscure Birth, He Thought Were Of Little Weight When Balanced With His Internal Peace.

- Thus was he enabled to answer to himself all that could be offered against making her his wife; and

Having thus settled every thing, as he imagined, to the satisfaction of his passion, became no less resolute in following the dictates of it than he had been in combating it while there was a possibility of doing so.

To this end he went down to his country seat, and as soon as he arrived sent to let Louisa know he would have her come and pass some time with him. She readily obeyed the summons, and found by his manner of receiving her that she was no less dear to him than her brother. As she had always considered him as a father, tho' she knew all her claim in him was compassion, she was far from suspecting the motive which made him treat her with so much tenderness; but he suffered her not long to remain in this happy ignorance. As he was walking with her one day in the garden, he purposely led her on that side where he had found Horatio and herself in the manner already related; and as they came towards the arbour, It was here, said he, that heaven put into my power the opportunity of affording my protection to two persons whom I think will not be ungrateful for what I have done.

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