The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood

 -  - Be assured it regards
your honour, your conscience, your justice, as
well as the eternal peace of her who conjures - Page 340
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- Be Assured It Regards Your Honour, Your Conscience, Your Justice, As Well As The Eternal Peace Of Her Who Conjures

You, with the utmost earnestness, to come immediately on the receipt of this to the castle of M - - e, in

The north of Ireland, where, if you arrive time enough, you will be surprized, tho' I flatter myself not disagreeably so, with the unravelling a most mysterious Event.

Yours, once known by the name of MATILDA,


M - - E."

I will not repeat to you, my dear Louisa, continued Dorilaus, the strange perplexity of ideas that run thro' my mind after having read this letter: - I was very far from guessing at the real motive of this invitation; which, however, as I once had a regard for that lady, I soon determined to obey; and having left the care of my house to a relation of mine by the mother's side, I went directly for Ireland; but when I came there, was a little embarrassed in my mind what excuse I should make to her husband for my visit. - Before I ventured to the castle, I made a thorough enquiry after the character of this young lady, and in what manner she lived with her lord. Never did I hear a person more universally spoke well of: - the poor adored her charity, affability, and condescending sweetness of disposition: - the rich admired her wit, her virtue, and good breeding: - her beauty, tho' allowed inferior to few of her sex, was the least qualification that seemed deserving praise:

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