The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood


Among the number she hoped to gain to her party was Mattakesa, the
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Among The Number She Hoped To Gain To Her Party Was Mattakesa, The Relique Of A General Who Had Been In Great Favour With His Prince.

This lady, who could speak French, having learned it of a recusant that took shelter in Russia, consented to go with her one day to the prison, and no sooner saw Horatio, than, unfortunately for him, Edella, and herself, she became charmed with him:

As she was of the number of those who think nothing a crime that suits their own inclination, she took not the least pains to subdue the growing passion, but rather indulged it, in order to receive the highest degree of pleasure in the gratification. She doubted not but Edella was her rival, and that it was for his sake alone she had been so beneficent to his fellow-sufferers: to supplant her, therefore, was the first step she had to take, and she resolved to omit nothing for that purpose.


The treachery of a Russian lady to her friend: her passion for Horatio: the method he took to avoid making any return, and some other entertaining occurrences.

It is easy to believe that Horatio, tho' relieved from that extremity of misery he suffered while in the dungeon, was far from being able to content himself with his present condition: - a thousand times he reproached himself for pursuing the dictates of a glory which now seemed so tyrannic: - Have I, cried he, hazarded the eternal displeasure of the best of men, - refused the invitation of the adorable Charlotta, - slighted the condescentions of her father, - been deaf both to interest and love, to become a prisoner to the worst of barbarians!

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