The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood


He now carefully avoided all that might interrupt his wishes, and seeing
Charlotta had just broke off some conversation she - Page 80
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He Now Carefully Avoided All That Might Interrupt His Wishes, And Seeing Charlotta Had Just Broke Off Some Conversation She Had Been Entertained With, Made What Haste He Could To Prevent Her From Being Re-Engaged:

- She immediately knew him; and as their mutual innocence made them perfectly free in expressing themselves to each other,

She told him she was glad he was come; that they would keep together the whole masquerade, provided he did not think it a confinement, to prevent her being persecuted with the impertinencies of some people there, who she found thought a masque a kind of sanction for saying any thing.

It is not to be doubted but Horatio gave her all the assurances that words could form, of feeling the most perfect pleasure in her society, and that he should not; without the extremest reluctance, find himself obliged to abandon the happiness she offered him to any other person in the company: to recompence this complaisance, as she called it, she gave him a brief detail of the characters of as many as she knew thro' their habits; and in doing this discovered a sweet impartiality and love of truth, which was no small addition to her other charms. She blamed the baroness de Guiche for not being able to return the affection of a husband who had married her with an inconsiderable fortune, and had since she had been his wife pardoned a thousand miscarriages in her conduct: - she praised the virtue of mademoiselle de Mareau, who being at fifteen the bride of a man of seventy, behaved to him with a tenderness, and exact conformity to his will, which, if owing alone to duty, was not to be distinguished from inclination:

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