The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood


Colonel Poniatosky, who had attended Stanislaus into Poland, now the
disturbances of that kingdom were quieted, on hearing the king - Page 260
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Colonel Poniatosky, Who Had Attended Stanislaus Into Poland, Now The Disturbances Of That Kingdom Were Quieted, On Hearing The King

Of Sweden was on some new expedition, obtained leave of Stanislaus to return to the camp, and implored his majesty's

Permission to be one of those who should partake the glorious toils he was now re-entering into. To which he replied, that he should be glad to have him near his person, but feared he would be wanted in Poland. No, may it please your majesty, resumed Poniatosky, there seems to be no longer any business in that kingdom for a soldier: - all seem ready to obey the royal Stanislaus out of affection to his person, and admiration of those virtues they are now perfectly convinced of; nor is Augustus in a condition to violate the treaty of resignation: - refuse me not therefore I beseech your majesty, continued he, falling upon both his knees, what I look on as my greatest happiness, as it is my greatest glory.

The king seemed very well pleased at the emphasis with which he expressed himself; and having raised him from the posture he was in, be it so, cried he, henceforward we will be inseparable.

Horatio was charmed with this testimony of love and zeal in a person, who had doubtless friends and kindred who would have been glad he had less attachment to a service so full of dangers as that of the king of Sweden, and somewhat ashamed he had ever entertained a thought of quitting it, resolved, as he had been more obliged, not to shew less gratitude than Poniatosky.

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