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The bugle call of taps is mournful also through association, as
it is always blown over the grave of a - Page 190
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The Bugle Call Of "Taps" Is Mournful Also Through Association, As It Is Always Blown Over The Grave Of A Soldier Or An Officer, After The Coffin Has Been Lowered Into The Earth.

The soldier-musicians who blow the calls, seem to love the call of "taps," (strangely enough) and I remember

Well that there at Camp MacDowell, we all used to go out and listen when "taps went," as the soldier who blew it, seemed to put a whole world of sorrow into it, turning to the four points of the compass and letting its clear tones tremble through the air, away off across the Maricopa desert and then toward the East, our home so faraway. We never spoke, we just listened, and who can tell the thoughts that each one had in his mind? Church nor ministers nor priests had we there in those distant lands, but can we say that our lives were wholly without religion?

The Sunday inspection of men and barracks, which was performed with much precision and formality,and often in full dress uniform, gave us something by which we could mark the weeks, as they slipped along. There was no religious service of any kind, as Uncle Sam did not seem to think that the souls of us people in the outposts needed looking after. It would have afforded much comfort to the Roman Catholics had there been a priest stationed there.

The only sermon I ever heard in old Camp MacDowell was delivered by a Mormon Bishop and was of a rather preposterous nature, neither instructive nor edifying.

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