Vanished Arizona, Recollections Of The Army Life By A New England Woman By Martha Summerhayes


Now the book was dramatized and produced, with Hackett as John
Ermine, at the Globe Theatre in September of 1902 - Page 250
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Now The Book Was Dramatized And Produced, With Hackett As John Ermine, At The Globe Theatre In September Of 1902 - The Hottest Weather Ever On Record In Boston At That Season.

Of course seats were reserved for us; we were living at Nantucket that year, and we set sail at noon to see the great production.

We snatched a bite of supper at a near-by hotel in Boston and hurried to the theatre, but being late, had some difficulty in getting our seats.

The curtain was up and there sat Hackett, not with long yellow hair (which was the salient point in the half-breed scout) but rather well-groomed, looking more like a parlor Indian than a real live half-breed, such as all we army people knew. I thought "this will never do."

The house was full, Hackett did the part well, and the audience murmured on going out: "a very artistic success." But the play was too mystical, too sad. It would have suited the "New Theatre" patrons better. I wrote him from Nantucket and criticized one or two minor points, such as the 1850 riding habits of the women, which were slouchy and unbecoming and made the army people look like poor emigrants and I received this letter in reply:


My dear Mrs. S.,

Much obliged for your talk - it is just what we want - proper impressions.

I fought for that long hair but the management said the audience has got to, have some Hackett - why I could not see - but he is a matinee idol and that long with the box office.

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