Vanished Arizona, Recollections Of The Army Life By A New England Woman By Martha Summerhayes


The flowers ran riot in our garden, fresh fruits and vegetables,
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The Flowers Ran Riot In Our Garden, Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, Fresh Fish, And All The Luxuries Of That Marvellous Climate, Were Brought To Our Door.

A comfortable Government steamboat plied between San Francisco and its harbor posts, and the distance was not great - only three quarters of an hour.

So we had a taste of the social life of that fascinating city, and could enjoy the theatres also.

On the Island, we had music and dancing, as it was the headquarters of the regiment. Mrs. Kautz, so brilliant and gay, held grand court here - receptions, military functions, lawn tennis, bright uniforms, were the order of the day. And that incomparable climate! How I revelled in it! When the fog rolled in from the Golden Gate, and enveloped the great city of Saint Francis in its cold vapors, the Island of the Angels lay warm and bright in the sunshine.

The old Spaniards named it well, and the old Nantucket whalers who sailed around Cape Horn on their way to the Ar'tic, away back in the eighteen twenties, used to put in near there for water, and were well familiar with its bright shores, before it was touched by man's handiwork.

Was there ever such an emerald green as adorned those hills which sloped down to the bay? Could anything equal the fields of golden escholzchia which lay there in the sunshine? Or the blue masses of "baby-eye," which opened in the mornings and held up their pretty cups to catch the dew?

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