Vanished Arizona, Recollections Of The Army Life By A New England Woman By Martha Summerhayes


I felt the greatness of the man; his desire to be just and good:
his marvellous personal power, his ability - Page 230
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I Felt The Greatness Of The Man; His Desire To Be Just And Good: His Marvellous Personal Power, His Ability

To understand and to sympathize, and when I parted from him he said again laughingly, "Well, I shall not forget

Your husband's regiment, and if anything turns up for those fine men you have told me about, they will hear from me." And I knew they were the words of a man, who meant what he said.

In the course of our conversation he had asked, "Who are these men? Do they ever come to Washington? I rarely have these things explained to me and I have little time to interfere with the decisions of the Adjutant General's office."

I replied: "No, Mr. President, they are not the men you see around Washington. Our regiment stays on the frontier, and these men are the ones who do the fighting, and you people here in Washington are apt to forget all about them."

"What have they ever done? Were they in the Civil War?" he asked.

"Their records stand in black and white in the War Department," I replied, "if you have the interest to learn more about them."

"Women's opinions are influenced by their feelings," he said.

"Mine are based upon what I know, and I am prepared to stand by my convictions," I replied.

Soon after this interview, I returned to New York and I did not give the matter very much further thought, but my impression of the greatness of Mr. Cleveland and of his powerful personality has remained with me to this day.

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