Vanished Arizona, Recollections Of The Army Life By A New England Woman By Martha Summerhayes

 -  I drew
in my breath as I looked out and over into the abyss on my left.
Death and destruction - Page 170
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I Drew In My Breath As I Looked Out And Over Into The Abyss On My Left. Death And Destruction Seemed To Be The End Awaiting Us All. Everybody Was Limp, When We Reached The Bottom - That Is, I Was Limp, And I Suppose The Others Were.

The stage-driver knew I was frightened, because I sat still and looked white and he came and lifted me out.

He lived in a small cabin at the bottom of the mountain; I talked with him some. "The fact is," he said, "we are an hour late this morning; we always make it a point to 'do it' before dawn, so the passengers can't see anything; they are almost sure to get stampeded if we come down by daylight."

I mentioned this road afterwards in San Francisco, and learned that it was a famous road, cut out of the side of a solid mountain of rock; long talked of, long desired, and finally built, at great expense, by the state and the county together; that they always had the same man to drive over it, and that they never did it by daylight. I did not inquire if there had ever been any accidents. I seemed to have learned all I wanted to know about it.

After a little rest and a breakfast at a sort of roadhouse, a relay of horses was taken, and we travelled one more day over a flat country, to the end of the stage-route. Jack was to meet me. Already from the stage I had espied the post ambulance and two blue uniforms.

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