Vanished Arizona, Recollections Of The Army Life By A New England Woman By Martha Summerhayes


The next day dragged along in the same manner; the command
marching bravely along through dust and heat and thirst - Page 50
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The Next Day Dragged Along In The Same Manner; The Command Marching Bravely Along Through Dust And Heat And Thirst, As Kipling's Soldier Sings:

"With its best foot first And the road a-sliding past, An' every bloomin' campin'-ground Exactly like the last".

Beal's Springs did not differ from the other ranch, except that possibly it was even more desolate. But a German lived there, who must have had some knowledge of cooking, for I remember that we bought a peach pie from him and ate it with a relish. I remember, too, that we gave him a good silver dollar for it.

The only other incident of that day's march was the suicide of Major Worth's pet dog "Pete." Having exhausted his ability to endure, this beautiful red setter fixed his eye upon a distant range of mountains, and ran without turning, or heeding any call, straight as the crow flies, towards them and death. We never saw him again; a ranchman told us he had known of several other instances where a well-bred dog had given up in this manner, and attempted to run for the hills. We had a large greyhound with us, but he did not desert.

Major Worth was much affected by the loss of his dog, and did not join us at supper that night. We kept a nice fat quail for him, however, and at about nine o'clock, when all was still and dark, Jack entered the Major's tent and said:

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