A Start In Life - A Journey Across America - Fruit Farming In California By C.F. Dowsett


11. Merced is a very healthy locality, and is nearer to San Francisco
than other Fruit growing centres.

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11. Merced Is A Very Healthy Locality, And Is Nearer To San Francisco Than Other Fruit Growing Centres.

12. My clients, the owners, are well-known gentlemen of wealth and position in California, and not irresponsible land speculators, members of a syndicate with an unknown personality.


I have already said that applicants should verify for themselves the statements made by persons who, like myself, would be personally benefited by their settling upon the lands offered for sale. Letters sent to this country, and advertised by agents as a guarantee of advantages, written by persons soon after arrival in California, and who have not compared the place of their location with other places, can scarcely be a sufficient recommendation. Some parts of California advertised in this country for sale have not a permanent water supply; are too hot; are swept by winds; are at a considerable distance from a railway station; have a poor, sandy soil, some even mixed with alkali; and some are so situated as to be "notoriously unhealthy," and produce chills, fevers, and general malaria, and, in one case, I have heard of an embarrassed title: therefore, I say that intending settlers should remember there is a California and a California - that it is not all gold which glitters, and that they should, personally and intelligently, investigate for themselves, on the spot, the statements made by those who, at a distance, offer the lands for sale.


It is recommended that settlers intending to establish Fruit farms, should have a capital of from L600 upwards; but those who have a smaller capital - say, L300, or even L100 - may, in other ways, find some opening for employing it, if accompanied with intelligent, industrious, persevering work.

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