A Start In Life - A Journey Across America - Fruit Farming In California By C.F. Dowsett


I went by the Northern Prairies and Rocky Mountains, and returned by the
longer route of Southern California, the Desert - Page 9
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I Went By The Northern Prairies And Rocky Mountains, And Returned By The Longer Route Of Southern California, The Desert Of Arizona, The Plains Of Texas, Through The Sugar And Cotton Districts Of The Southern States, And Thence, Via New Orleans And Washington, Back To New York.

Thus, after remaining eight days at Merced, where I was fully engaged each day in inspecting the lands for

Sale and the country around for many miles, and after allowing for stoppages on the return journey over Sundays, and waiting three days at New York for the Cunard steamer "Servia," I reached Liverpool on January 4th, and was back again in my office on Monday, January 5th, being six weeks, one day and 22 hours from the time I rose from my chair in my office to the time I was sitting in it again.

=Across America.=


Travelling in generations past was an important event in one's life, but now a journey across an ocean and a continent is a very commonplace affair. Books of travel used to be read with avidity, but now that so many persons travel, and the wires keep us in touch with all the world every day, the history of a journey is a small event, and one which to those not specially interested would scarcely perhaps be read; nevertheless, as some of my readers may have to go over some of the ground I have recently traversed, I have no doubt that a reference to my journey to California and back would be of interest to them, and therefore I will give up some time and space to the subject.

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