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I Have For Sale Besides The Estate Designated "British Colony," A Tract Of Land Belonging To A Well-Known Merchant In The City Of London, Who Has Owned It For 13 Years.

It comprises 5,084 acres, and has a registered Government title.

Price 30 dollars per acre, and 7 years' credit would be given if 20 per cent. is paid down. Part of it is well suited for Fruit growing, but as yet the water from the canals belonging to my other clients has not been taken to it. It has, however, some creeks upon it, but they are frequently dry. The land is of a rolling prairie character, and is now let at a nominal rent of 25 cents per acre for sheep farming. The soil is varied; some of it is a good loam, some of a clayey nature, and some stony; there is a shepherd's house, with barn and yard. The taxes upon it are about 15 to 20 cents per acre. One half of the land would be sold separately, but it must be the half farthest from the side where the canals are. The situation is an attractive one as the undulations really form the first foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, of which there is a grand view. This land is well worth buying, as when water is obtained, the price will then be increased to that asked for other irrigated Fruit lands.

A plan may be seen at my offices, 3, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London.

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