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An interesting incident occurred during the passage: I discovered that
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An Interesting Incident Occurred During The Passage:

I discovered that our captain (now commanding the "Aurania") was a shipmate of mine in 1855, when I was a midshipman.

I reached my office in Lincoln's Inn Fields at 8 o'clock on the morning of January 5th, having been absent just about six weeks. The distances were as follows: -

Liverpool to New York 3,062 miles. New York to Chicago 913 " Chicago to Council Bluffs 488 " Council Bluffs to San Francisco 1,867 " San Francisco to Merced 152 " Merced to New Orleans 2,344 " New Orleans to Washington 1,144 " Washington to New York 228 " New York to Liverpool 3,064 " London to Liverpool 201 " Liverpool to London 201 " Journeys in buggies, tram-cars, &c. 110 " - - - - 13,774 "

I must conclude with some general remarks: -

The Times recently published a series of ten articles on the "Negro Question in the United States," and from them it appears that the position of that country is very serious in this relation. These articles commenced after I had started on my journey, so that I only saw one or two of the concluding ones and the Times leader upon the whole, but I was not surprised to see them, because in passing through the States which are principally peopled by negroes, I heard something about the matter from a thoughtful man, who regarded the subject with great gravity. The Times has shown that the attitude of one race to the other is that of "antagonism, discontent, and perpetual danger."

The negroes have the same constitutional privileges as the whites, and their overpowering numbers in certain places give the power into their hands, which, regarded in relation to racial hatred, renders them to be an object of danger to the country.

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