Early Australian Voyages By John Pinkerton

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thought came off to fight us, as it is probable they all did;
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This I Thought Came Off To Fight Us, As It Is Probable They All Did; Therefore I Fired Another Small Shot Over The Great Boat That Was Nigh Us, Which Made Them Leave Their Babbling And Take To Their Paddles.

We still lay becalmed; and therefore they, rowing wide of us, directed their course towards the other great boat that was coming off.

When they were pretty near each other I caused the gunner to fire a gun between them, which he did very dexterously; it was loaded with round and partridge shot; the last dropped in the water somewhat short of them, but the round shot went between both boats, and grazed about one hundred yards beyond them. This so affrighted them that they both rowed away for the shore as fast as they could, without coming near each other; and the little boats made the best of their way after them. And now, having a gentle breeze at south-south-east, we bore into the bay after them. When we came by the point, I saw a great number of men peeping from under the rocks: I ordered a shot to be fired close by, to scare them. The shot grazed between us and the point, and, mounting again, flew over the point, and grazed a second time just by them. We were obliged to sail along close by the bays; and, seeing multitudes sitting under the trees, I ordered a third gun to be fired among the cocoa-nut-trees to scare them; for my business being to wood and water, I thought it necessary to strike some terror into the inhabitants, who were very numerous, and (by what I saw now, and had formerly experienced) treacherous.

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