Early Australian Voyages By John Pinkerton

 -   We saw many shoals of small fish, some sharks, and seven or
eight dolphins, but caught none.  In the afternoon - Page 140
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We Saw Many Shoals Of Small Fish, Some Sharks, And Seven Or Eight Dolphins, But Caught None.

In the afternoon, being about four leagues from the shore, we saw an opening in the land, which seemed to afford good harbour.

In the evening we saw a large fire there, and I intended to go in (if winds and weather would permit) to get some acquaintance with the natives.

Since the 4th instant that we passed Cape Mabo, to the 12th, we had small easterly winds and calms, so that we anchored several times, where I made my men cut wood, that we might have a good stock when a westerly wind should present, and so we plied to the eastward, as winds and currents would permit, having not got in all above thirty leagues to the eastward of Cape Mabo; but on the 12th, at four in the afternoon, a small gale sprang up at north-east-by-north, with rain; at five it shuffled about to north-west, from thence to the south-west, and continued between those two points a pretty brisk gale, so that we made sail and steered away north-east, till the 13th, in the morning, to get about the Cape of Good Hope. When it was day we steered north-east half east, then north-east-by-east till seven o'clock, and, being then seven or eight leagues off shore, we steered away east, the shore trending east-by-south. We had very much rain all night, so that we could not carry much sail, yet we had a very steady gale.

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