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He accordingly coasted them all with the greatest care, and found in
most of them considerable quantities of water in - Page 10
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He Accordingly Coasted Them All With The Greatest Care, And Found In Most Of Them Considerable Quantities Of Water In The Holes Of The Rocks, But So Mixed With The Sea-Water That It Was Unfit For Use; And Therefore They Were Obliged To Go Farther.

The first thing they did was to make a deck to their boat, because they found it was impracticable to navigate those seas in an open vessel.

Some of the crew joined them by the time the work was finished; and the captain having obtained a paper, signed by all his men, importing that it was their desire that he should go in search of water, he immediately put to sea, having first taken an observation by which he found they were in the latitude of 28 degrees 13 minutes south. They had not been long at sea before they had sight of the continent, which appeared to them to lie about sixteen miles north by west from the place they had suffered shipwreck. They found about twenty-five or thirty fathoms water; and as night drew on, they kept out to sea; and after midnight stood in for the land, that they might be near the coast in the morning. On the 9th of June they found themselves as they reckoned, about three miles from the shore; on which they plied all that day, sailing sometimes north, sometimes west; the country appearing low, naked, and the coast excessively rocky; so that they thought it resembled the country near Dover.

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