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 -   From the furrows made by
this descending fire, we could, in the day time, see great smoke
arise, which probably - Page 170
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From The Furrows Made By This Descending Fire, We Could, In The Day Time, See Great Smoke Arise, Which Probably

Were made by the sulphurous matter thrown out of the funnel at the top, which tumbling down to the bottom,

And there lying in a heap, burned till either consumed or extinguished; and as long as it burned and kept its heat, so long the smoke ascended from it; which we perceived to increase or decrease, according to the quantity of matter discharged from the funnel: but the next night, being shot to the westward of the burning island, and the funnel of it lying on the south side, we could not discern the fire there, as we did the smoke in the day when we were to the southward of it. This volcano lies in the latitude of 5 degrees 33 minutes south, and meridian distance from Cape St. George, three hundred and thirty-two miles west.

The easternmost part of New Guinea lies forty miles to the westward of this tract of land; and by hydrographers they are made joining together; but here I found an opening and passage between, with many islands, the largest of which lie on the north side of this passage or strait. The channel is very good, between the islands and the land to the eastward. The east part of New Guinea is high and mountainous, ending on the north-east with a large promontory, which I named King William's Cape, in honour of his present Majesty.

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