Early Australian Voyages By John Pinkerton

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difference may probably be occasioned by the strong western current
which we found in our return, which I allowed - Page 180
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This Difference May Probably Be Occasioned By The Strong Western Current Which We Found In Our Return, Which I Allowed

For after I perceived it; and though we did not discern any current when we went to the eastward, except

When near the islands, yet it is probable we had one against us, though we did not take notice of it because of the strong easterly winds. King William's Island lies in the latitude of 21 minutes south, and may be seen distinctly off Cape Mabo.

In the evening we passed by Cape Mabo; and afterwards steered away south-east half-east, keeping along the shore, which here trends south-easterly. The next morning, seeing a large opening in the land, with an island near the south side; I stood in, thinking to anchor there. When we were shot in within two leagues of the island, the wind came to the west, which blows right into the opening. I stood to the north shore, intending, when I came pretty nigh, to send my boat into the opening and sound, before I would venture in. We found several deep bays, but no soundings within two miles of the shore; therefore I stood off again, then seeing a rippling under our lee, I sent my boat to sound on it; which returned in half an hour, and brought me word that the rippling we saw was only a tide, and that they had no ground there.

End of Early Australian Voyages, by John Pinkerton

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