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Radisson, Pierre, son of Peter
Ragueneau, Father Paul
Raynbault, Father
River of Canada
River of Richelieu
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Radisson, Pierre, Son Of Peter Ragueneau, Father Paul Raynbault, Father Rensselaerswyck Rice River Of Canada River Of Richelieu River Of The Medows River Of The Sturgeon River Ovamasis River Saguenay River St. Lawrence Rochelle Rock Family Of Indians Roquay Rupert, Prince Rupert's River

S. Sable Island Sacgnes.

(See River Saguenay.) Sacquenes Saegne. (See River Saguenay.) Sagahigavirini Sagamite, defined Sagard-Theodat Sagnes River Sagnitaovigama Sagseggons Saguenes Saint Peter's Salt, Indian name for Salt, Nation of. (See Nation of the Sault) Sanoutin Country Sault, Company of Sault, Indians of the. (See Nation of the Sault) Sault of Columest Schoolcraft Sea-serpents Seneca village Senecas, the Shea, J. G. Signelay. (See De Seignelay, Marquis.) Sioux Sioux of the Rocks Skinchiohronoms Sloane, Sir Hans Socoquis Sononteeonon. (See Seneca.) Sonontueronons Sorel, Sieur Spain Squerells Stags Stairing haires Stannard, Captain Straits of New Foundland Sturgeons


Tabittee Indians Tadousac Tanguay, Abbe Cyprian Tatanga Tatarga Tatousac River Three Rivers Titascons Tiviseimi Tobacco Scattered on the land, an omen of trouble Tobaga Tontataratonhronoms Touret, Elie Godefroy Tourne Sol, how made Trade-standard with Indians Trees painted Trinivoick Trips, tripe des roche Tsonnontonan. (See Seneca village.) Turkey in Europe compared to America Turkeys Turquois stone

U. Utrecht, Peace of


Vimont, Father Virginia




York, Duke of York, alias Fort Bourbon Young, Sieur Ecuyer

End of Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson by Peter Esprit Radisson

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