Voyages Of Peter Esprit Radisson By Peter Esprit Radisson

 -  (See Attignenonhacs.)
Cows, wild
Cruelties of Indians


Dablon, Father
D'Argenson, Viscount
De Frontinac, Count
De la Barre - Page 420
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(See Attignenonhacs.) Cows, Wild Cruelties Of Indians

D. Dab-fish Dablon, Father D'Argenson, Viscount De Frontinac, Count De la Barre, Governor Delheure, Monsieur Denier, Monsieur De Seignelay, Marquis Des Groseilliers, - , nephew of Radisson - (See Chouart, Medard.) D'Estrees, Jean, Count De Witt Dollard, Adam Doric Rock Dress of Indians.

(See Indian Costume.) Drums of Indians Du Chefneau, Monsieur Ducks, abundance of Duhamel, Rev. Joseph Thomas Duperon, Joseph Inbert Dupuys, Sieur


Eagle, the ship Ehriehronoms Elends Elks Ellis's manuscripts England Eressaronoms Eruata, defined Escotecke Escouteck Eslan Esquimos


Fire Indians Fishes of large size Fort Albany Fort Bourbon Fort Charles Fort Orange Fort Richelieu Foucault, Nicolai Joseph France French, the, break the treaty, and come into a collision in Hudson's Bay


Gailliards Gazer, Captain Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families Gien, a musical instrument Gillam, Captain Zachariah Gillam, - , son of Captain Zachariah Goats Godfrey, Marguerite Godfry, John Baptista Gooseberries Gorst, Thomas Grapes Green Point Groseilliers. (See Chouart, Medard.) Guillam. (See Gillam.) Guinea, visited by Radisson Guitar


Hallow Isle Happy Return, the ship Hayes River Hayes, Sir James Hayes, the sloop, captured Hight of St. Louis Holland Hollanders Horiniac, defined Huattochronoms Hudson's Bay Hudson's Bay Company Hudson's Bay trade Hudson's Straits Huron Islands Hurons Hurons, massacred by Iroquois, number of


Indian amusements Indian costumes Indian council, described Indian cruelties. (See Cruelties of Indians.) Indians, designated by their footmarks, Indians, eat human flesh, Indians, food of Indians, funeral rites Indians, luggage described Indians, manner of cooking their meat Indians, manner of sweating Indians, their musical instruments Indians, Nations of the North, nations of the South Indians, pierce their ears and noses Indians, treachery of Ireland Iroquois join the Mohawks; massacre the Hurons Isle D'Ane Isle D'Eluticosty Isle of Cape Breton Isle of Montreal Isle of Orleans Isle of Richelieu Isle of Sand Isle Perse Isles of Toniata Italy compared to America


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