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weare yong people with their bows and arrows and Buckler on their
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The Ffirst Weare Yong People With Their Bows And Arrows And Buckler On Their Shoulders, Uppon Which Weare Represented All Manner Of Figures, According To Their Knowledge, As Of The Sun And Moone, Of Terrestriall Beasts, About Its Feathers Very Artificialy Painted.

Most of the men their faces weare all over dabbed with severall collours.

Their hair turned up like a Crowne, and weare cutt very even, but rather so burned, for the fire is their cicers. They leave a tuff of haire upon their Crowne of their heads, tye it, and putt att the end of it some small pearles or some Turkey stones, to bind their heads. They have a role commonly made of a snake's skin, where they tye severall bears' paws, or give a forme to some bitts of buff's horns, and put it about the said role. They grease themselves with very thick grease, & mingle it in reddish earth, which they bourne, as we our breeks. With this stuffe they gett their haire to stand up. They cutt some downe of Swan or other fowle that hath a white feather, and cover with it the crowne of their heads. Their ears are pierced in 5 places; the holes are so bigg that your little finger might passe through. They have yallow waire that they make with copper, made like a starr or a half moone, & there hang it. Many have Turkeys. They are cloathed with Oriniack & staggs' skins, but very light. Every one had the skin of a crow hanging att their guirdles.

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