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 -  Att the same instance my nose begun'd to
bleed, which made me afraid of my life; but withdrawing myselfe to - Page 30
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Att The Same Instance My Nose Begun'd To Bleed, Which Made Me Afraid Of My Life; But Withdrawing Myselfe To The Watter Side To See If Any Body Followed Mee, I Espied Twenty Or Thirty Heads In A Long Grasse.

Mightily surprized att the view, I must needs passe through the midst of them or tourne backe into the woode.

I slipped a boullet uppon the shott and beate the paper into my gunne. I heard a noise, which made me looke on that side; hopeing to save meselfe, perswading myselfe I was not yet perceived by them that weare in the medow, and in the meane while some gunns weare lett off with an horrid cry.

Seeing myselfe compassed round about by a multitude of dogges, or rather devils, that rose from the grasse, rushesse, and bushesse, I shott my gunne, whether un warrs or purposly I know not, but I shott with a pistolle confidently, but was seised on all sids by a great number that threw me downe, taking away my arme without giving mee one blowe; ffor afterwards I felt no paine att all, onely a great guidinesse in my heade, from whence it comes I doe not remember. In the same time they brought me into the wood, where they shewed me the two heads all bloody. After they consulted together for a while, retired into their boats, which weare four or five miles from thence, and wher I have bin a while before. They layed mee hither, houlding me by the hayre, to the imbarking place; there they began to errect their cottages, which consisted only of some sticks to boyle their meate, whereof they had plenty, but stuncke, which was strange to mee to finde such an alteration so sudaine.

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