Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe


We kept them bountifully supplied with everything on the table, so our
own portion of the dinner would remain unmolested - Page 98
Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe - Page 98 of 410 - First - Home

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We Kept Them Bountifully Supplied With Everything On The Table, So Our Own Portion Of The Dinner Would Remain Unmolested, Although Neither Faye Nor I Had Much Appetite Just Then.

When Farrar came in to remove the plates for dessert, and Powder-Face saw that the remaining food was about to disappear, he pushed Farrar back and commenced to attend to the table himself.

He pulled one dish after another to him, and scraped each one clean, spreading all the butter on the bread, and piled up buffalo steak, ham, potatoes, peas - in fact, every crumb that had been left - making one disgusting mess, and then tapping it with his finger said, "Papoose! Papoose!" We had it all put in a paper and other things added, which made Wauk almost bob off her chair in her delight at having such a feast for her little chief. But the condition of my tablecloth made me want to bob up and down for other feelings than delight!

After dinner they all sat by the stove and smoked, and Powder-Face told funny things about his trip East that we could not always interpret, but which caused him and Wauk to laugh heartily. Wauk sat very close to him, with elbows on her knees, looking as though she would much prefer to be squatted down upon the floor.

The tepee odor became stifling, so in order to get as far from the Indians as possible, I went across the room and sat upon a small trunk by the window.

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