Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe

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tall and thin and his hair is very white, and I laugh now when I think
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Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe - Page 310 of 410 - First - Home

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He Is Very Tall And Thin And His Hair Is Very White, And I Laugh Now When I Think Of How Funny He Looked.

But no one thought of laughing at that time. Mrs. Norton was carried in, and her house searched throughout.

No one was found, but burned matches were on the floor of one or two rooms, which gave evidence that some one had been there.

In the yard back of the house a pair of heavy overshoes, also government socks, were found, so it was decided that the man had climbed up on the roof and entered the house through a dormer window that had not been fastened. No one would look for the piece of shingle that night, but in the morning I found it on the ground close to the house.

All the time the search was being made I had been in the window. Colonel Mills insisted that I should go to his house for the remainder of the night, but suggested that I put some clothes on first! It occurred to me then, for the first time, that my own costume was rather striking - not quite the proper thing for a balcony scene. Everyone was more than kind, but for a long time after Miss Mills and I had gone to her room my teeth chattered and big tears rolled down my face. Mrs. Norton declares that I was more frightened than she was, and I say, "Yes, probably, but you did not stop to listen to your own horrible screams, and then, after making us believe that you were being murdered, you quietly dropped into oblivion and forgot the whole thing."

Just as the entire garrison had become quiet once more - bang!

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